Friday, June 4, 2010

#41: Kennedy

The negative reaction to this season-seven character, a potential slayer and a love interest for Willow, is perhaps more of a testament to the fanbase's love of Tara than to anything inherent in the character, or in Iyari Limon's portrayal of her. But the rich 'brat' and po-faced born fighter, by far the most significant potential slayer, is perhaps not the easiest character to love.

In truth, she doesn't really do all that much, and even though she appears in fully thirteen episodes – more than half of the season – her appearances are minor in all but two of them. At times, the numbers are embarrassing: consider the three-episode run of episodes 16 through 18, “Storyteller”, “Lies My Parents Told Me” and “Dirty Girls”, where she gets in 21 words, 8 words and 23 words respectively. Barely even worth mentioning, really.

Though we first meet her, as one of the first three potentials in Buffy's house, in episode 10, “Bring on the Night”, written by Marti Noxon and Doug Petrie, it's the next episode, “Showtime”, where she shows up in the top five: number four, to be precise. By far her most significant appearance, and her only real appearance as anything beyond just another potential, is in the Willow episode “The Killer in Me”, where a kiss between the two girls starts off the episode's action. Kennedy speaks 771 words and comes in second in the overall count, behind (of course) Willow.

At 113 words, her appearance in the series finale “Chosen” is relatively insignificant. Yet she gets to be one of that select group standing in front of the school bus for that final scene, still alive after the fight (and bound to carry on in the comic books).
  • Overall ranking: #41
  • Ranking on Buffy: #25
  • Total words spoken on Buffy: 2481
    • Season 7: 2481
  • Total speaking appearances on Buffy: 13
    • Ranking #2: 1
    • Ranking #4: 4
    • Minor: 11
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