Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#23: Lindsey

Lindsey is, interestingly, the only character apart from Angel himself to appear in both the first and the final episode of Angel – a fact that might make the Wolram & Hart lawyer appear to be more central to the show than he truly is. Though he can carry the title of 'Angel's arch-nemesis' as well as anyone else on the show, his character is of importance only to three of the show's five seasons: the first, second and fifth. For someone whose presence looms over the show, it's odd to think he appeared in only twenty-one episodes.

Still, Lindsey is one of only two recurring characters to actually be introduced in the series début “City Of” (written by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt), though it's a minor role of only 233 words. He's then absent for almost the whole of the season before appearing in four of the season's final five episodes, coming it and number four and number five on “Five by Five” and “Sanctuary”, the two Faith episodes, and coming in at #2 on “Blind Date”, in many respects a 'Lindsey episode'. Its 802 word count is Lindsey's highest for the season and second highest overall. With all of the season's minor characters and its limited number of significant characters, a mere five appearances still secures Lindsey a number six ranking on the list of top ten characters for season one.

With almost half of his 21 appearances occurring here, you could really consider Season Two to be 'Lindsey's season', in that he's central to the Darla arc. He actually shows up as the number seven character for the season, one point lower than season one – perhaps because of his ten appearances, six are minor. He ranks number four in “The Trial” and number three in “Darla” and “Blood Money”, but his highest ranking this season, and on the show altogether, is his swan-song (for the time being anyway), “Dead End”, where he ranks number two, having spoken 872 words and sung a further 68, totalling 940. There is no single episode of Angel where Lindsey speaks the most words of all the characters.

Reappearing after 55 episodes with a four-word appearance in “Destiny” ('Well, it's a start'), Lindsey makes six appearances in season five for a #10 finish overall on that crowded season. He ranks number three in “You're Welcome” and “Underneath” and number two in “Soul Purpose” and, surprisingly, “Not Fade Away”: more than any cast member save Angel himself in the series finale. Perhaps he really is more central to the show than I give him credit for. Or perhaps it's a testament to the actor, Christian Kane, and his close friendship with the series' star David Boreanaz.

Anyway, in a shock move reminiscent of Giles killing Ben, Lindsey meets his end being shot point-blank by 'flunky' Lorne on Angel's orders, after seemingly joining Angel's side, with no chance at redemption.
  • Overall ranking: #23
  • Ranking on Angel: #10
  • Total words spoken on Angel: 7469
    • Season 1: 2015 (#6)
    • Season 2: 3122 (#7)
    • Season 5: 2332 (#10)
  • Total speaking appearances on Angel: 21
    • Ranking #2: 4
    • Ranking #3: 4
    • Ranking #4: 2
    • Ranking #5: 1
    • Minor: 10
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