Monday, May 24, 2010

#50: The Groosalugg

Played by Canadian swimmer Mark Lutz, the Groosalugg was a minor love interest of Cordelia's who hailed from Pylea, the demon dimension of Lorne's birth.

A rather comically naïve and childlike character, the Groosalugg is of half human and half demon stock. In the Pylean hell dimension, this makes him an outcaste, yet his feats of strength allow him to unintentionally fulfil prophecies as the Groosalugg, the character who will com-shuk with the princess in order to inherit her visions.

The Pylean arc occurs at the end of season two of Angel. Naturally, this is where we meet him, in the Tim Minear-penned “Through the Looking Glass”episode 21, Groo's first and overall most statistically-significant appearance. In that episode, Groo logged in 372 words, the fifth highest number of words that episode, and more than any other non-L.A. character.

Though he also, naturally, appears in the season two closer, “There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb”, the Groosalugg's main contribution to the show is neither in season two nor in Pylea. The Groosalugg appears in fully seven episodes in season three, where he appears to be a love interest for Cordelia, but ultimately he essentially serves as a catalyst through which she can discover her true feelings for Angel before departing to Pylea, where presumably he survives the end of the series. Episode 14, “Couplet”, is the main Groo episode of season three, but even at that, he falls outside the top five. His briefest appearance is eight words in the episode immediately preceding that, “Waiting in the Wings”, where his unexpected appearance thwarts Angel's first major attempt at confessing his feelings to Cordelia.
  • Overall ranking: #50
  •  Ranking on Angel: #24
  •  Total words spoken on Angel: 1852
    •  Season 2: 611
    •  Season 3: 1241
  •  Total speaking appearances on Angel: 9
    •  Ranking #5: 1
    •  Minor: 8
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