Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#34: Eve

Eve, who may or may not be young and may or may not be a woman, is officially 'liaison to the Senior Partners', a middleman between Angel and the evil ringleaders in charge of Wolfram & Hart. While Eve is not the season's 'big bad' at all, being something of an empty character, ultimately, she does share certain similarities with Holtz, as I've described him in his entry immediately preceding this one. To start with, she is entirely a season five phenomenon, introduced in the first episode (“Conviction”, scripted by Joss Whedon) and last seen in the season, and series, closer “Not Fade Away”. She appears in a total of 10 episodes that season, one short of Holtz's 11, and says a grand total of 3213 words, two more than Holtz. She ranks #8 among all characters for total words spoken that season.

Still, several differences exist: unlike Holtz, Eve survives the season, and the show – though she's a shell of her former self, stripped of her immortality and of the love of her life, she's become a very small, pathetic character, as opposed to the confident and mysterious role she has at the beginning of the season. Her replacement, Marcus Hamilton, was perhaps brought in due to audience displeasure with the character, who never fulfils her initial promise and soon appears to have no real purpose, save as a love interest for Lindsey.

Nevertheless, of Eve's ten appearances, fully half rank in the top five, though never above a #3. She says the most in “Destiny”, using 724 words to pit Spike and Angel against each other. Her other #3 appearance is her début, “Conviction”. She finishes at #4 in “You're Welcome” and “Underneath”, and #5 in “Life of the Party”. “Not Fade Away” is her briefest appearance, a mere 45 words.
  • Overall ranking: #34
  • Ranking on Angel: #16
  • Total words spoken on Angel: 3213
    • Season 5: 3213 (#8)
  • Total speaking appearances on Angel: 10
    • Ranking #3: 2
    • Ranking #4: 2
    • Ranking #5: 1
    • Minor: 5
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