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#31: Warren

Of the 'trio', the group of three characters who appear to be the 'big bad' of Season 6 until Willow turns 'dark', it's generally assumed that Warren is the only one who is truly evil. I think you could make the case, however, that Warren merely accepted the consequences of the path the three had trod down more than the other two. Unique among the three, he accepted that you couldn't play with evil and then walk away as if it had never happened. His answer, to fully immerse himself in evil instead of only going halfway, doesn't make him a better character than Andrew or Jonathon, but it does make him arguably more honest.

Anyway, while Warren is a Season 6 character (number nine overall in that season), we meet him in Season 5, as the creator of a robot he has grown bored with. That episode, Jane Espenson's “I Was Made to Love You”, is not only Warren's début, it's also, surprisingly, the episode in which he has the highest word-count, though not the highest ranking. Interestingly enough, Warren ranks #2 in that episode, and clocks his only #1 appearance in season six's “Villians”. At 606 words, it's only nine words fewer than the 615 count he accumulates in his début, and fittingly, it's his final appearance (as a living human). He comes in and goes out on highs.

Warren makes a total of two appearances in Season Five, nine appearances in Season Six, and only one in Season Seven: 34 words (his lowest count) in Andrew's imagination in “Storyteller”. Which is not to say Adam Busch is absent in Season Seven: The First takes Warren's form in four different episodes, speaking 440 words in the process, and Willow takes his form once for an extra 385 words. If we counted those words, Warren's total of 4210 words would rise to 5035, which would raise him up to 27th place overall.

Only three of Warren's Season Six appearances are minor. Apart from “Villians”, he scores his second #2 in “Life Serial”, #3 in both “Seeing Red” and “Dead Things”, the two episodes where he commits murder (manslaughter I suppose), a #4 in “Smashed” and a #5 in “Gone”.

This list does not take the Dark Horse Comics' “Season Eight” into account. Inasmuch as it's more convenient for me to pretend it doesn't exist, I'd like to report that Warren was killed by Willow in “Villians”. However, this scene is retconned in the comic books to where Warren didn't actually die but was saved, skinless, by Amy. Do with that info what you will, but I'm sticking with death-by-dark-witch.
  • Overall ranking: #31
  • Ranking on Buffy: #20
  • Total words spoken on Buffy: 4210
    • Season 5: 683
    • Season 6: 3493 (#9)
    • Season 7: 34
  • Total speaking appearances on Buffy: 12
    • Ranking #1: 1
    • Ranking #2: 2
    • Ranking #3: 2
    • Ranking #4: 1
    • Ranking #5: 1
    • Minor: 5
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